Announcing Meme + Stickers (Mascot) Contest Winners

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.. We are proud to announce the winners of the Meme + Sticker contest for DeGate’s mascot GOO!

Thank you to everyone who submitted your creative and mind-blowing entries! The contest was hugely successful and the DeGate team thoroughly enjoyed every single submission. Thank you ❤️ 🚀

We have reached out to the top 20 winners via Twitter DMs, do check your inbox if you are one of the talented winners! The $DG token rewards will be distributed to all winners shortly. Details of the NFT whitelist process will be revealed in end Jan/early Feb.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated!

Presenting to you, the TOP 20 community creations of absolute quality, creativity and style. 🎉

1st Place: Bossman GOO (2000 $DG + NFT WL)
Congratulations to @garislintang5!

2nd Place: Original GOO (1000 $DG + NFT WL)
Congratulations to @DwiAnargya!

3rd Place: Spaceman (1000 $DG + NFT WL)
Congratulations to @Queend0m_!

4th-10th Place: Winners of 500 $DG tokens each

Congratulations to @DanilsJack2 @Akegrae @friston131 @Bernard36986 @FuShange

11th-20th Place: Winners of 200 $DG tokens each

Congratulations to @Braide15 @beihai1337 @BalkeyMinnie @BRU08718622 @Cryptogaming100 @ahho4J27hXbEvSZ @ok72564133

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone participated! LFG (🚀, 🚀)

About DeGate

DeGate is an order book-centric Decentralised Exchange (DEX) trading protocol that is based on Ethereum L2 (Layer 2), utilising a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure. As a next-gen DEX, DeGate endeavours to bring you Limit Orders, Decentralised.

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DeGate Team

DeGate Team

A DAO-centric, decentralised limit trading protocol built on Ethereum. 🚀